Denis Rechkunov

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I’m a software engineer based in Berlin, Germany.

My experience is quite diverse: it goes from binary protocols and communication with devices to back-end services and front-end apps. Although I worked on user interfaces in the past, I found my passion in building complex distributed systems.

When I’m not an engineer I am 🏃🏻, 🚴🏻, 🏍, 🎸

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I grew up in Barnaul, Russia where then graduated from Altai State Technical University in 2012 as an Engineer in Software and Automated Systems (equivalent of MS, Computer Science).

In my last studying years (2010-2011) I began working at a startup where I was responsible for designing and building a SCADA system for water supply and heating systems. It was a service written in Node.js that communicated with PLCs installed in various facility buildings. The devices were connected to various kinds of sensors (pressure, temperature, etc) and were sending data to the server that collected and aggregated the data. Users could look at the dashboard with almost real-time data and alerts, also could export various reports. The company let me write my master’s thesis out of this project.

Before and after this job I took 2 internships at Intel in MKL and SSA (part of the Intel Compiler) teams which brought me very first experience working at a company of that scale.

For the next 2 years (2011-2013) I was working as a .NET/C# developer and contributed to a wide variety of projects: a social network for charities, sport-bet gambling software, data warehouse with high-load data processing/composition and more.

In 2014 I started working at Flamp (a part of 2GIS – a large company in Russia). Back then I had this idea to build a framework for isomorphic JavaScript applications with progressive rendering. When I shared this idea with the team, they let me build a proof of concept and after receiving very positive feedback we started building a brand new version of the web-site based on this technology. The framework was eventually published as an open-source project and gained some attention from the JavaScript community.

In November 2015 I moved to Berlin, Germany for a job at Amazon Web Services, where contributed to the library of framework agnostic web-components, static web-site deployment experience (React) and the back-end platform for AWS consoles (Java).

In January 2017 I started working at Zalando where contributed to the mobile API (Scala, Play) and later joined the Merchant Portal team where I was working on the API gateway for Merchant Operations (Go, fork of Skipper).

In July 2018 I joined Contiamo to work on a data catalog platform that helps to organize huge data landscapes that big companies usually have. (Go, Postgres, Kubernetes, Helm, gRPC, GraphQL).

In November 2021 I joined Elastic to work on the Observability product primarily in Go.